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Did you know you might only need 2 medicines to treat HIV?

Think about your HIV treatment options

Think about your HIV treatment options

Start by asking your doctor if a 2-drug regimen is right for you.

There are many treatment options available to people living with HIV. To get HIV to undetectable, a combination of HIV medications is needed. Some HIV pills contain more than one medication in one pill. It is important to know what's in your HIV medication and how it can affect your body over the long term.

Is your current HIV treatment regimen meeting your individual expectations and needs?

Have you considered asking your doctor if making a change might be an option for you?

A few questions you could use with your doctor at your next visit to see if you're on the right regimen for you.

Check off the questions that are important to you, then download them so you can bring them to your next doctor's appointment:

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Print or email these questions to yourself so you can discuss them with your doctor.

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